Teacher's Guide

This guide is to help the teachers using this virtual platform to deliver effectively

You need create an account on the website. Once created, the administrator will have to turn your count into a teacher account so that your login dashboard will look different from the students' accounts and get access to teaching tools.

 Step 1: Login with the administrator account to Schedule a Class for Students

 Step 2: Fill the class scheduling form and make sure to select the time zone as Nairobi (East African Time)

 Step 3: Your class will appear in the Teachers account and Students account

 Step 4: In the administrator account by using the cog wheel on the left you can Preview as Learner, Preview as Teacher, Edit the class details, view attendance report, cancel class, invite students for class with one click.

 Step 5: Login and Enter the class a few minutes to start time. Accept the Video and Audio tools for your browser.

 Step 6: Test your audio and video before you join the session.

 Step 7: You will now be in class. Make use of the tools especially the white boards to teach students/ Learners.